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A Sneak Peek Into the Design

A Sneak Peek Into the Design

With the rise in athletic injuries and surgical orthopedic repairs, CoolCorp wanted to offer a difference that can last.  Working with several lawyers and patent offices, most of our information is proprietary, however, here's a sneak peek from our business model that describes the product.

Cold therapy, otherwise known as cryotherapy, currently stands as the most common form of therapy prescribed for athletic injury trauma and for post-operative surgeries.  CoolCorp Inc. offers unique cryotherapy compression products to address this need.  Contrary to currently available products, CoolCorp gives the advantage to you the consumer by providing rapid acting and efficient cryotherapy products to speed up the recovering process.  This technology uses a unique approach incorporating 360-degree compression with the proprietary cryotherapy technique to fully address the injured area.

More explanation will come after our official launch of the company.  For now, be assured that this will be the future of cold therapy and will significantly help in your recovery time. As always, leave comments and questions below!

R. Wesley Gensch

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