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Cryo-Compression, Is It Beneficial?

Cryo-Compression, Is It Beneficial?


                Icing and compression have both proven to be effective at helping during injury and operation recovery. Athletes often use both methods in different ways as well, using compression to increase blood flow, and icing to reduce the aching of tired muscles. As both are good, is it possible to make cryotherapy and compression even better by combining them?      

                For athletes, it has been found that combining the effects of cold therapy and compression can be quite beneficial. The Journal of Sports Medicine released an article in 2017 were a study was performed to see how effective cryo-compression was at helping with recovery from heavy resistance exercises. During the study, they discovered that not only did the participants have less pain and recovered faster, but the subjects even had better sleep quality after the cryo-compression therapy! Recovering more quickly, and having less pain from muscle fatigue can lead to better workout sessions in the future.

                Cold therapy and compression are also a common first response to injuries on the playing field or court as well. The method used for treatment is often called RICE, or “Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate.” Some trainers and physical therapists are fans of a slightly different acronym known as MICE, which replaces rest with movement. Movement is important in the recovery process as long as it is not overdone. Cryo-Compression can be beneficial here, as it can apply two of the four steps at the same time, making it easier to quickly help with certain injuries.

For patients, cryo-compression has proved to be a powerful recovery tool as well. Nick C. Leegwater led a test of cryo-compression therapy to help those with a hip replacement. The test involved thirty different patients, half of which were just given compression, while the other half received cryo-compression therapy as well as the normal compression bandage.  Nick and his team found  several trends during their research that point towards cryo-compression being a great tool for post operative recovery. One trend was a reduction in pain relievers used by the test subjects. Another trend showed a shorter hospital stay than normal. The test subjects also seemed to have less wound discharge (drainage) and less pain at around six weeks after the operation. To sum it all up, the study pointed towards cryo-compression therapy reducing many negative side effects of surgery.

                As more research is done of the combination effects of cryo-compression, it is becoming clearer that combining cold therapy and compression is a fantastic way to help both patients recovering from injury, and athletes. However, with todays on the go and active society, it is becoming harder to take time out of the day to just sit and utilize the common cryo-compression systems seen today. This is why Coolcorp Inc’s cryotherapy and cryo-compression products have been designed to allow you to live your life and do what you want while still receiving the refreshing cool of cryo-compression therapy. Check out our products today, and discover what it is like to be able to get your cryo-compression therapy on the go!

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