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Does Sport Specialization Equal More Injuries?

Does Sport Specialization Equal More Injuries?

If anyone was to ask, “has youth sports change in the last 20 years?” The answer would be a resounding yes. The change most apparent is not in the sports themselves or the kids, but the rise of sport specialization in youth sports. There are negatives and positives to youth sports specializations, but a glaring negative is the amount of overuse injuries that may happen to the youth who specialize in one sport. According to Safe Kids USA, overuse injuries account for half of sport injuries in middle and high school. Whether the overuse of the lower body in soccer or arms in baseball, overuse injuries are clearly connected to sport specialization. The youth are exposed to these injuries because of improper techniques used, training errors, immature bones, lack of recognition of injuries, and coach/parental pressure. So, how can we respond to this issue?

At CoolCorp Inc, we were built on the recognition and response to a bugging injury.  In our experience, it is never to early to start preventing these injuries. By replacing the need to make an ice bag and hold it on the injured area for a set amount of time, our products do that work for you. Staying cold for eight hours after being removed from the freezer, our products are the perfect help to these injuries. By sliding it on and pumping it up, you’re ready to go on with your day. Since the lives of our youth are so busy, giving them the mobility and convenience of a CoolCorp product, they are sure to be happy to not be stuck sitting around with an ice pack. Looking at the convenience and ease of use CoolCorp offers, get yours today by looking at our website on the link below!

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