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Today's Generation

Today's Generation

Although the above caption may be exaggerated and obviously doesn't apply to everyone, it is crazy to see how much time an average life demands now.  Not since the ages of hunting and scavenging to survive has society had such a high requirement of expected time to be given.  According to a Forbes article, over 75% of millennials work over 40 hours a week at a career level job and 25% work over 50 hours consistently.  Now, there have always been careers that have demanded more time than others, but the issue is in having a higher expectation of work to be done just in order to keep up with the changing times. The more that this is realized, the more innovative society has to be in coming up with efficient and time-sensitive products for people to fit into their busy schedules.

Here at CoolCorp, we understand the demands that society places on you and we want to help in as many ways as we can.  There are several doctors advocating for the use of cryotherapy, but as society has dictated, there isn't as much time to make an ice pack and take 20 minutes to reduce pain relief and boost recovery.  That's why CoolCorp wants to offer you the chance to get those benefits of cryotherapy while on the go! Our products can stay cold for up to 8 hours outside of the freezer and are ready to go mobile whenever you are.  Simply slide on, pump up, and go about your day.  Life may always be busy, but CoolCorp will always be convenient! Get yours today by clicking on the link below!

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