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About CoolCorp Inc.

With over 150 million musculoskeletal injuries and surgical orthopedic repairs, cryotherapy (or cold therapy) stands as the most common form of treatment prescribed for athletic injury trauma and post-operative patients. CoolCorp Inc. is a S-Corporation offering unique and mobile cryotherapy compression products to address this need. Contrary to currently available products, CoolCorp gives the advantage to the consumer by providing personalized air compression along with the unique approach of incorporating a 360-degree cryotherapy technique to fully address the injured area. With built in safety features, CoolCorp products can be sold within hospitals and other physician networks. With the ease of use and convenience of icing, our patient compliance has shown to be higher while producing better results than anticipated.

Jaden Boucher - President/CEO

As the current President and CEO of CoolCorp Inc, Jaden works hard in the business development and product sales.